Character Creation

Character Creation Example

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Come up with a detailed concept of what you would like your character to be/ do.


Pick one of the 3 Origins and roll on the chart

Human / Near-Human Non-Force Trained

This catagory represents the bulk of the races in the Galaxy. Not only does it cover humans, but other races such as Chiss, Twi’leks, Zelebraks, Togruta, or others species that are not much physically differnt then humans and have the same range of physical characteristics.

Roll a D6:

1-4: 1 Power Set + 2 Specialties at Expert + 1 Specalty at Master
5-6: 2 Power Sets (1 Must have the Limit: Gear) + 1 Specalty at Expert + 1 Specalty at Master


This catagory represents either Droids or Alien Spiecies that are radically different then humans in either their apperance, physical capabilities or both. These include Wookies, Gramorrians, Ugnauths, Nikto, Waukee, Mon Calimaris, and Quoran.

Roll a D6

1-3: 1 Power Set: Must have the [[Limit: Non-Human]] + Step up 1 trait in the power set.
4-6: 2 Power Sets: Primary Power Set: Must have the [[Limit: Non-Human]] + Step up 1 trait in the power set. Secondary Set: Must have the Limit: Gear.

Trained Force Users

This catagory represents characters that are trained in the ways of the force (Jedi or Sith), regardless of species.

All Force Users have 2 Power Sets, as Follows:

Force Powers: Must have the Limit: Concious Activation and [[Limit: Dark Side]] (Sith Trained) or [[Limit: Light Side]] (Jedi). This Power Set will have 2 additional SFX

Light Saber Powers: Attack D10 (melee) Saber Defense D8 (representing parrying and the like) [[SFX: Saber Stlye]] + 1 other SFX Limit: Gear.

Also Choose 1 Saber Style SFX:

SFX: Single Saber – During action you may chose to Double either power in the Saber Power set and step down the other. This choice will remain active, until your next activation or the end of the scene.

SFX: Twin Sabers – Reduce Attack to D8 and an Additional Attack D8.

SFX: Saber Staff – Swap Attack and Saber Defense raitings. When using Saber Defense in a reaction pool, You may either Step-UP or Double it. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total.

Power Sets

After you find out how many Powers you have in each set, you may Choose them from the Powers List paying attention to any restrictions or die limits. Each Power Set has 1 Limit and SFX of your choice in addtion to any required by your origin or the table below.

Primary Power Set

Roll a D10:

1-2: One Power at D10 + 1 SFX
3: Two Powers at D8
4: One Power at D10, One at D8
5: Three Powers at D8
6-9: One Power at D10, Two at D8
10: Two Powers at D10, One at D8

Secondary Power Set (If 2)

Roll a D8:

1-3: Two Powers at D8
4-5: One Power at D10
6-7: One Power at D10, 1 Power at D8
8: Two Powers ad D10


The Star Wars Universe offers 5 general character archetypes: Covert Agent, Scoundrels, Soliders (professional or of fortune), Nobels, and Jedi/ Sith. Pick which your character best fits in with and roll s D6.

Covert Agents

These people often find themselves working alone and sometimes with either a partner or a team.

1-3: D10 Solo, D8 Team, D6 Buddy
4-6: D10 S0lo, D6 Team, D8 Buddy


These people weather they are steet urchins, gamblers, high end con-men, or lovebale smugglers rarely practice their trade alone. They typically will have either a pratner or team backing them up.

1-3: D6 Solo, D10 Team, D8 Buddy
4-6: D6 Solo, D8 Team, D10 Buddy


These are Professional soliders either from the Republic, Empire, or Royal house guard. They can also be mercenaries, strong men, or bounty hunters.

1-3: D6 Solo, D10 Team, D8 Buddy
4-6: D6 Solo, D8 Team, D10 Buddy


These represent Senators, Governors, Roaylty, elected officals, as well as celebrities of all types. As such they have a wide array of loyalties

1: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6
2: Solo D10, Buddy D6, Team D8
3: Solo D8, Buddy D10, Team D6
4: Solo D6, Buddy D10, Team D8
5: Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team D10
6: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D10

Jedi/ Sith

These people have spent year or even decades training in the ways of the force. Once trained they tend to focus either on mentoring an apprentice or on their own. Though occasionally they lead vast armies.

1-2: D10 Solo, D6 Buddy, D8 Team
3-4: D8 Solo, D10 Buddy, D6 Team
5-6: D10 Solo, D8 Buddy, D6 Team


Consult the table below for the number of specialties you have (modified by your Origin):

Roll D10

1-2: 1 Expert
3-4: 1 Expert, 1 Master
5-6: 2 Expert, 1 Master
7-8: 3 Expert
9-10: 3 Expert, 1 Master

If you are a Force User you must take The Force specialty
If you are a Force User or Pilot you may take the Cosmic specialty
Anyone may take the Combat Specialty.

You may either choose your remaining specialties from the following list or roll:

Roll D10
1: Acrobatic
2: Business
3: Covert
4: Crime
5: Medical
6: Menace
7: Psych
8: Science
9: Tech
10: Vehicle


Distinctions provide you with a means of Role-palying your character. Players are strongly encouraged to pick any 3 that they desire, but they should each be a differnt aspect of the character’s personality (i.e. they should each be from a seperate line on the chart). You may roll on the Chart if desired.

Roll D6

1: PERSONALITY TRAIT. Natural Leader, Quick to Anger, Only Works Alone, ect
2: OUTLOOK or REPUTATION. Never Grew Up, Misunderstood Menace, Whiney Kid, ect
3: HISTORY/ BACKSTORY. Criminal Past, Mysterious Destiny, Moisture Farmer, ect
4: CATCHPRASE or TITLE. Last Jedi Knight, “Never Tell me the Odds!”, Senator, ect
5: NOTABLE FEATURE. Alluring, Walking Carpet, Goldie, ect
6: PROFESSION. Hot Shot Pilot, Best Smuggler in the Galaxy, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, ect


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