Example of Character Creation

Character Creation Example


LeAnne comes up with an idea to make character that grew up in the mean streets of Nar Shadda (the largest moon of Hutta that is a city that covers the entire moon and has had new buildings built on old ones for millennia). She likes the name “mouse” as she envisions her character being a shy street urchin that has a reputation for being able to get into any place.


LeAnne decides that Mouse is a human and rolls on the table, getting a 3. Being a Human, Mouse will have 1 Power set, 2 additional specialties at Expert, and 1 additional at Master

Power Sets

LeAnne rolls a D10 and gets a 7 for the number of Powers in her Power Pool, getting 1 at D10 and 2 at D8. Looking over the list and screening that with her idea for Mouse, she decides on the following powers:

Reflex D10, Stamina D8, Strength D8

These represent Mouse being very agile and durable to disease and malnurishment. The Strength is there to represent the fact that she is cabable of making death-defying climbs and is able to jump higher then a nromal person.


LeAnne definately sees Mouse as a Scoundrel and rolls a 5.

D6 Solo, D8 Team, D10 Buddy

Obviously, Mouse has or had a trusted friend that watched over her after she was orphaned or ran away.


LeAnn Rolls a 5 for her Specailties, getting 2 Expert and 1 Master. Adding in her bonus ones from her origin she has a total of 4 Specialties at Expert and 2 at Master.

She decides to take Combat, Acrobatic, Crime, Covert, Tech, and Vehicle

LeAnne assigns the values at:
Master- Acrobatic and Covert
Expert- Combat, Tech, Vehicle, Crime


Looking over the list, LeAnne chooses the following 3 distinctions:

Ghost in the Shell
Grew up on the Mean Streets of Nar Shadda
I’ve never seen a system I can’t get into…

So Mouse looks like:

Irene “Mouse” Martia

Solo D6 Buddy D10 Team D8


Ghost in the Shell
Grew up on the Mean Streets of Nar Shadda
I’ve never seen a system I can’t get into…

Power Set: Cat Burgler
Reflexes D10, Stamina D8, Strength D8
SFX: Second Chance: Spend 1 PP to re-roll when using any Cat Burgler power
Limit: Concious Activation: While Stressed Out, Asleep, or unconcious, shut down Cat Burgler. Recover Cat burgler, when the stress is recovered or you wake up. If you take Mental Trauma shutdown Cat Burgler until you recover that Trauma.


Acrobatic and Covert Master (D10)
Combat, Crime, Vehicle, and Tech Expert (D8)

Example of Character Creation

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