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Welcome to Star Wars: Lost Tales from the Cantina

Using a modified Marvel Super Heroes Cortex engine

Rules modification from the Marvel RPG

Where all of the Rule Modifications from the Marvel book are kept. Also, standing house rules are kept here

Basic Rules

Unless otherwise stated, a character is assumed to have a weapon of some sort (Blaster, Vibro-weapon, grenade launcher) as a Resource at a D8 rating with the Limit: Gear. NOTE This Weapon will not have a PP expenditure to create.

Characters are also assumed to have “basic” powers at a D6, if they do not have them listed otherwise. So if you are being shot at, you may use your default Reflexes of a D6 in your defense pool. The list of Basic Powers is located on the Powers page.

Character Creation

As the general rule in the Marvel Cortex system is to come up with a concept for your character and then build accordingly. I am using a modified version of the random table that is in the Civil War book.

Click here for rules on how to make a Character

Quick list of available Powers

Example of Character Creation

As a reminder, the Milestone system is being removed from the game.


With the Milestone system gone, Players will be rewarded a fixed amount of Experiance Points for RPing their character and accomplishing goals. This does not mean that players should create character with no personality or mannerisms, as such a character will be advancing much more slowly then a well developed one.

Advancement Chart

Main Page

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