The following powers are available to everyone with the following magnitude scale:

D6 = Normal human capabilities (50% of the popoulation)
D8 = What most proffesionals would have in that power (40% of the population)
D10 = Normal human maximum in that field (9% of the population)
D12 = Elite status, the Best of the Best, (less then 1 in 100 people have the power at this level)

Some powers may be further limited, as they use a seperate scale)


This power represents a weapons that can be used for either ranged or melee combat. Alternativly it can be used to represent using The Force to attack someone directly.

Deflection -NEW POWER

May only be used in reaction pools.

This represents parrying of melee attacks. This power will usually be found on power sets defined as weapons and have the Limit: Gear on it.

Light Sabers (of all kinds) can also use it to deflect blaster fire and force lightning.


This power represents either artificial or natural armor. It protects against physical and blaster damage. It can also be the use of The Force to deflect/ adsorb an attack. Humans and Near-Humans that have this power, and are NOT Force users must take the Gear Limit


D6 ONLY and must take the Gear Limit.

Aliens may take it at a D6 with no limit.

This would represent a jet pack of some type (like Boba Fett)

Mind Control

For non- Force users, this represents fast talk, confidence scams, cold reading, and directive questioning and has a normal cap of D10. For Force users, it would represent the Force Persuasion/ Jedi Mind Trick.


Represents people with greater then normal response time, agility, and aim. Humans and Near-Humans normally would have this at no more then a D8


Provides you with resistance to harm from a specific source: Radiation or The Force. Humans and Near-Humans must take the Gear Limit with this power and may only choose Radiation.


You have more scute senses then normal. Humans and Near-Humans that are NOT Force users that have this skill MUST have the Gear Limit on it.


You have increased endurance, staying power, recuperative ability, as well as resistance to toxins and fatigue. Humans and Near-Humans normally would have this at no more then a D8.


You are stronger and muscular beyond a normal human. Humans and Near-Humans normally would have this at no more then a D8


Alien Only also includes water breathing

Force User Powers

In additon to general powers (which have no die cap, except Flight), characters that use The Force can take the following:

Elemental Control (Force Control or Lightning Control)

These represent the control of The Force for good or evil. Jedi will only have Force Control, while a Sith may have either.


D6 = Luke in A NEW HOPE and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK before Deghoba.
D8 = Luke in EMPIRE STRIKE BACK, after meeting with Yoda or Aniken in Episodes 2 and 3
D10 = Darth Vader (all movies), Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jin, or Obi-wan Kinobi (Episodes 2, 3, and 4)
D12 = The Emperor, Count Duku, Yoda, or Darth Plagus, the Wise.


Represents short bursts of super human speed

D6 = Move faster then the fastest sprinter
D8 = Move the speed of a horse at full gallop


D6 = Doing a Standing high jump of 10 to 15 feet or a standing long jump of 15 to 20 feet
D8 = Doing a Standing high jump of 30 to 40 feet or a standing long jump of 20 to 30 feet


Allows you to scan minds and communicate with others. Also allows you to inflict emotional or mental stress on a target and/or create a complication. However, using Telepathy in manner will lead to The Dark Side.

“Basic” Powers


Unavailable Powers…

…unless you have a really intersting reason why your character should have them.

Elemental Control (other then Force or Lightning)
Movment Powers (Swingline, Burrowing, Airwalking)
Psychic Powers (Animal or Plant Control)
Size- Changing


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