The Cortex Plus system defines a resouce as:

…a special kind of stunt that is linked to one of your Specialties and created by spending a PP during a transition scene….that lasts until the end of the next Action Scene. Resources represent people you may know…, information provided by connections, or locations you can make as a result of your background in that Specialty…


I am furthering this defanition to also include specialized gear that you may have.

For example,

If you are about to go out scouting the dune sea on Tatooine for 2 mising droids and do not have Senses, you can spend a PP to get a pair of Binoculars to make that job easier.

If the item in question is something your character would normally have access to either due to their background and/or Specialties then the item in question can be had simply by stating that you have it. This Item would then have the skill at a D8 raiting.

Continuing the above example

Say your character was a Recon scout. A pair of binoculars would be something that you would likely have as part of your starting kit. So you could have them at a D8 simply by stating this fact.

If the item is not deemed reasonable for your character to have, then you would need to have an Specialty that the desired Resource would fall under and spend a PP to get the Item as a Raitng of 1 lower then the Specialty (or at raiting if you spend 2 PP). However, if you lack an appropriate Specialty you can still get the item by spending a 2 PP and get the item with a D6 Raiting.


Instead of being a Recon scout, your character is a humble moisture farmer but is handy at fixing things (and has the Tech Specialty at Master). You can spend a PP to get the PP at a D8 as well.


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